Manly Daily - 16 May. 2017

Modus will again attempt to 'push the boundaries' at this year's GABS beer, Cider and Food Festival, producing a 'big, black IPA'.


12 of the best ipa beers you'll be drinking this summer

Executive Style -18 Nov. 2016

It's been a landmark year for India Pale Ale (IPA) in Australia.

Thirty IPAs were voted into the influential GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers poll in January, indicating Aussies' increased thirst for these somewhat polarising brews, highly hopped and typically stronger in alcohol content than standard pale ales.


The Rise of Cans

Broadsheet-13 Oct. 2016

Once seen as second rate, canned beers are cool again. How did that happen?

Thanks in part to the rise of craft-beer culture and improved canning technologies, the idea that canned beer is lower quality seems finished.

How did it happen? Jaz Wearin of Modus Operandi Brewery in Mona Vale, Sydney, thinks it’s scientific.


Modus Operandi Brewing selling canned beer instead of bottles Oct. 2016

LOOKING for a good excuse to get on the cans?

Mona Vale craft beer maker Modus Operandi Brewing has a few good reasons why you should, as tinnies are making a comeback.


Modus launches Session IPA cans

Australian Brews News-20 Sep. 2016

A Session IPA has become the third permanent beer in cans for Sydney’s Modus Operandi Brewing Company.

The 4.1 per cent ABV IPA is hopped with Simcoe, Citra and Chinook, Modus co-founder Jaz Wearin told Australian Brews News.

Modus Operandi Sydney Craft Brewery

Modus Operandi Brewing

When husband and wife Grant and Jaz Wearin decided to open a brewery, they needed a quick education. They found it in the US, where they hired a campervan and spent six months touring breweries, sometimes even volunteering their labour in exchange for learning the tricks of the trade.


Modus Operandi Brewing Company

At Australia’s first-annual Craft Beer Awards last October, little-known Modus Operandi Brewing Co. introduced themselves with a half-eaten sandwich and four-letter expletive that echoed through Sydney’s Giant Dwarf Theatre. “I had two beers in one hand and a pork sandwich in the other, thinking that maybe we’d get an honorable mention, and then the first award comes up and we win a gold,” recalls brewer DJ McCready. “The crowd got completely quiet, and all you hear is ‘Holy shit!’ come out of Grant’s mouth.”