Heroes are remembered, Legends never die.

Zoo Feeder IPA is back... for a limited time!

The legendary brew, Zoo Feeder IPA, is fondly remembered by a number of Modus drinkers. What with her fresh pine and citrus hop aromas thanks to Aussie & US hops, beefed up malt bill and of course more hops, this was a legend that was never truely going to die. 

Freshly canned earlier this week (oh the aroma in our canning room!), this brew will be hitting stores from next week. Stockists will be revealed on Thursday night via our Instagram and Facebook posts featuring a video on how to savour and appreciate this brew with our Head Brewer, Dennis. He will also be touching on the appearance of the beer as we have used the East Coast Ale yeast which gives it that lovely haze we are all lovin at the moment!


What's in the name? This beer was named in honour of our our brewery site, which we discovered when first setting up shop. In the late 40’s it was wholesome farmland to feed the exotic animals up at the world famous Taronga Zoo. We are happy to say not much has changed since then as this IPA has done a virtuous job of nourishing exotic creatures big and small!

If you haven't had a chance to try this award winning beer (awarded Champion IPA two years in a row at the Australian Craft Beer Awards), make sure you get your hands on one of these cans - resinous, dank, delicious. May beer be with you!

Marching Modus

Its March! Still feel like we are getting over Xmas - anyone feel the same? Well we are marching into March with a heap of cool things on the horizon. Let us tell ya about them!

Second release of Lost Key XPA... and expect something a little different!

Our first seasonal release for 2017 started off with a bang with the Lost Key XPA. Selling out in a couple of days and getting into folks hands in NSW straight off the canning line! As promised, we are doing a second run in celebration of Brissie's Brewsvegas (http://www.brewsvegas.com) BUT we have also managed to get enough stock to Vic, SA, Tas & Perth! It will be bloody limited, but it will be there! You can expect a bit of a different version of the first release as well due to an experiment with an East Coast Ale yeast. It brings with it that lovely East Coast haze, big fruit in the flavour & aroma and it has a pulpy mouth feel. Excited to get this one out! Stockists will be listed on Instagram & Facebook next week so keep an eye out. 

Brisvegas... Holes N Hops (x 2) and collab brew with Woolly Mammoth!

Not only did we brew a special batch of XPA in cans for the wonderful week that is Brewvegas but we are also gearing up for not just one but TWO Holes n Hops events. If you haven't been to one of these yet - they go something like this. 9 holes of golf. Beer on each hole. On course prizes with the winner walking away with a keg. Pint & Bite pre/post game. Yep... its a good day. You can catch the first event on Wed 15th March at Alexander Head which is being hosted by the legends at Black Bunny Kitchen (http://www.brewsvegas.com/events/holesnhopssunshinecoast/) and the second one is bought to you by Modus & Hopco right in the centre of Brissie on Fri 17th March (http://www.brewsvegas.com/events/holesnhopsbrisbane/). This event has been the first event for the last two years to sell out at the Sydney Craft Week and tickets for these events are moving so get your a$#e into gear and don't miss out!

We were also stoked to team up with Woolly Mammoth (http://woollymammoth.com.au) and brew a cheeky little collab brew a couple of weeks ago just for Brewsvegas celebrations.... we just sampled some straight out of the tank... be expecting a ripping IPA!

An old favourite returns to cans for a limited time!

We have been brewing an old favourite which is heading to Limited Release cans at the end of March. This will be a national release but you know how it goes... it will be limited! We are keeping mum on whats in the can at the moment but we can give you a few clues... its was part of our original line up... and its won a couple of awards. Yep... its coming back!

Exciting times folks. Have a cracker of a month and hope to catch ya at the brewery, in your local bottle-o or up in Brisvegas! March on!

The Year That Was 2016

What? Its nearly the end of 2016! When did that bloody happen. Its at this time of the year one is allowed to reflect - so reflect we shall. 

Modus Cans

From the get go, we always knew we wanted to put our beer into cans. We started out first year of operation with the CANimal machine (the big 946mL cans which are filled straight of the tap and then seamed with a bar top seamer), which was a great way of achieving our dream without the big outlay costs of a canning line. Early 2016 though - we were ready to put all our savings into our dream - a real grown up canning line. So in January, we headed on down to the brewery basement. Oh yes, as you can see from the image below, we had some work ahead of us. 

The before shot of our canning production room. 

The before shot of our canning production room. 

With the addition of a lift, coolroom, slick floors, a super charged chiller, two new bright tanks, a canning line and a labeller... all done in 3 months... she now looks like this. Click through to check out some more pics. 

With our new shiny canning system in place, we were then able to get out some CANS! We are bloody proud of our brew team (Dennis, Kizza & Brett) for creating this amazing line up this year (see below). Their dedication to the brew is beyond outstanding. A true testament to our motto - Beer First. No Shortcuts. Thanks legends!

2016 Awards

We were stoked to pick up the following awards this year! 

+ AIBA (Australian International Beer Awards) - Best International Pale Ale (Modus Pale), Gold: Former Tenant Red IPA, Gold for Can Design. 

+ Australian Craft Beer Awards - Gold: Modus Pale Ale, Silent Knight Porter, Silver: Sonic Prayer IPA, Zoo Feeder IPA, Former Tenant Red IPA. 

+ Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards - Champion Medium Brewery, Gold: Modus Pale Ale, Former Tenant Red IPA, Silver - Silent Knight Porter.

+ Not awards, but nice pats on the back: "Best New Brewer" - Rate Beer, "Top 10 NSW beers of 2016" - Crafty Pint, Former Tenant gets 9th in Aussie Hottest 100 beers (before it went into cans!). 

Grant & Dennis looking very stoked to be picking up Best International Pale Ale

Grant & Dennis looking very stoked to be picking up Best International Pale Ale


We love our home! It was very important for us to have a laid back "cellar door" for people to come and not just experience our fresh beer and finger lickin grub, but to get a feel for our personality and see what we really get up to. Having our 2nd birthday this year, we felt incredibly lucky and very humbled that we have become part of the local community. Thank you folks for having us and for loving our beer as much as we do! We look forward to having you back in 2017 for more fresh beer, awesome local live music, a new menu and of course just some good ol' times with your mates, family and strangers!

Beers of 2016

The awesome thing about being a independent, family owned brewery is that you get to have creativity with your beers. We brew with flavour profiles in mind, not margins or targeted price points on our products. Here is a list of all the little brew babies that have been created this year:

+ Cream of the Hop #4 Pale Ale

+ Drupey One Brown Ale

+ Escobar Stout

+ Snake Pit Amber Ale

+ Black Magic Woman Chilli Chocolate Stout

+ CCC Double IPA

+ Modjuice Session Ale

+ Black Lab Milk Stout (went into Limited Edition cans!)

+ Wippa Snipa (now Modus) Session IPA

+ Caribbean Queen Dark Ale (went into Limited Edition cans!)

+ Modus Lager

+ Kiwi Kerfuffles in Brussels Saison

+ Lost Key XPA (Collaboration with Black Bunny Kitchen)

+ Haver IPA

+ Gypsy Witch Saison (Collaboration with Frankies)

+ Modulation Barrel Aged Saison

+ Nectar of Solis (Collaboration with Netherworld)

+ And although Sonic Prayer was officially first brewed in 2015, we have to make an honourable mention because as of November, it is now in cans, and we love this beer!

Robert Stein Chardonnay Barrels ready for their Saison, where it then aged for 4 months. 

Robert Stein Chardonnay Barrels ready for their Saison, where it then aged for 4 months. 

Of course there have been many more happenings in 2016, but I have tried to not harp on and keep it brief, so you can get back to your beer! A final mention to our amazing team. When we first opened, we opened with 4 full time staff (including Grant & I) and today we have 20. There is absolutely no way we would be where we are without them. A big thank you guys - thank you for joining us on this pretty cool journey!

And last, but not least, our awesome appreciators - you are what drives us to make the best beer possible. Thank you for letting us into your pint glasses and fridges. Have a bloody good Christmas and we will see you in 20-17 for another year of exciting happenings. 

Dennis De Boer - Head of Operations

Full Name: Dennis de Boer (spanish for “of Boer”)
Nick Names (if any): Dirty belly, mud eye, goose, ace, John McLean
Age: 28
Birth Place: San Diego, CA
As a child, what did you dream of becoming/doing? Licensing Cop or Parking Ranger
Give us a brief history of your journey to becoming a brewer. Old man de Boer and I got into brewing in our garage to pass the time during Colorado’s colder months, when the snow isn’t quite deep enough to ski yet. Word got out to friends and neighbours that we were making suds, and that combined with our own demand led us to hiring our first employee, Mrs. de Boer, my mother. She came from a management background and was already charged with the majority of dinner operations in our household so it was a no brainer to put her in charge of brewing operations as well. That greatly lightened my workload and allowed me to focus more of my efforts on beer consumption (R&D), frisbee and skiing. We celebrated much success but ultimately closed the breweries doors in 2011 when my parents threatened to start charging me rent if i didn’t find a real job. So i split that joint in a hurry and got a job at Bristol Brewing in Colorado Springs, then onto Oskar Blues in Longmont. I left OB in late 2014 for a vacation and have been marooned on this island ever since.
What’s your proudest moment in your brewing career? The daily knock off pint
What’s the best beer you’ve ever made?  Chamomile Wit way back in the day for the boys and I to enjoy in the parking lot after skiing. The combination of the soothing tea and alcohol was a perfect way to end a day of taking out the gnarbage in the white room
What’s the worst beer you’ve ever made? Too many to count
What’s your favourite beer? Old Style
If you had to live on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere for a year with a fridge and 12 beers; 
a)       what would the 12 beers be? Jai Alai IPA
b)      You can only drink 1 a month or smash them all in one sitting which would you choose and why? Smash them all then go for a night swim. No regrets.
What is your guilty pleasure/s? Pickled Herring
What do you like to do in your time away from the brewery? Haven’t tried that yet but maybe have a few beers with my bros!
Then quick fire questions: don’t think about these too long.
What is your favourite word? Uhhh FREEDOM!
What is your least favourite word? Contractbrewer
What turns you on? Cowboys butts
What turns you off? laundry
What sound or noise do you love? kookaburra
What sound or noise do you hate? Social distortion
What is your favourite curse word? shit
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? prostitution
What profession would you not like to do? mortician
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? santa is real