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Dennis De Boer – Head of Operations

Full Name: Dennis de Boer (spanish for “of Boer”)
Nick Names (if any): Dirty belly, mud eye, goose, ace, John McLean
Age: 28
Birth Place: San Diego, CA
As a child, what did you dream of becoming/doing? Licensing Cop or Parking Ranger
Give us a brief history of your journey to becoming a brewer. Old man de Boer and I got into brewing in our garage to pass the time during Colorado’s colder months, when the snow isn’t quite deep enough to ski yet. Word got out to friends and neighbours that we were making suds, and that combined with our own demand led us to hiring our first employee, Mrs. de Boer, my mother. She came from a management background and was already charged with the majority of dinner operations in our household so it was a no brainer to put her in charge of brewing operations as well. That greatly lightened my workload and allowed me to focus more of my efforts on beer consumption (R&D), frisbee and skiing. We celebrated much success but ultimately closed the breweries doors in 2011 when my parents threatened to start charging me rent if i didn’t find a real job. So i split that joint in a hurry and got a job at Bristol Brewing in Colorado Springs, then onto Oskar Blues in Longmont. I left OB in late 2014 for a vacation and have been marooned on this island ever since.
What’s your proudest moment in your brewing career? The daily knock off pint
What’s the best beer you’ve ever made?  Chamomile Wit way back in the day for the boys and I to enjoy in the parking lot after skiing. The combination of the soothing tea and alcohol was a perfect way to end a day of taking out the gnarbage in the white room
What’s the worst beer you’ve ever made? Too many to count
What’s your favourite beer? Old Style
If you had to live on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere for a year with a fridge and 12 beers; 
a)       what would the 12 beers be? Jai Alai IPA
b)      You can only drink 1 a month or smash them all in one sitting which would you choose and why? Smash them all then go for a night swim. No regrets.
What is your guilty pleasure/s? Pickled Herring
What do you like to do in your time away from the brewery? Haven’t tried that yet but maybe have a few beers with my bros!
Then quick fire questions: don’t think about these too long.
What is your favourite word? Uhhh FREEDOM!
What is your least favourite word? Contractbrewer
What turns you on? Cowboys butts
What turns you off? laundry
What sound or noise do you love? kookaburra
What sound or noise do you hate? Social distortion
What is your favourite curse word? shit
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? prostitution
What profession would you not like to do? mortician
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? santa is real


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