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Knock Off

We’re excited to announce our new beer series – the Brewer’s Series. Keg only Limited Release beers available at MO HQ where each brewer gets to brew the beer of their choice. First up Corey and his beer : Knock Off.

Corey has set the bar high with this beer, with no hot side hop additions instead the hop flavours and aroma are coming from a pre and late ferment. We dry hopped pretty heavily at both stage with El Dorado and Rakan.

The pre-ferment dry hop

The pre-ferment dry hop

The hops compliment the simple grain bill of 80% Gladfield American Ale plus 10% Cara Pils and 10% Oats.

The end result is a super clean beer with clean aromas of sweet lemon and stone fruit.

So when your day is coming to the end and a beer is calling. Make sure you have a Knock Off!

Launching this Friday at Modus HQ. 5/4/19


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