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modus brewing

beer first. no shortcuts.


When it comes to beer we don’t compromise, and neither should you. Since 2014, we’ve gone to great lengths to brew a better standard of beer. It’s a commitment to going that bit further to find the best quality and the best flavour. Just like you do. That’s the thing about Modus and its drinkers – we believe every drop of life is worth the hard work it takes to make it. Especially when it comes to the good things in it, like beer. And that’s why, on every one of our cans you’ll read: Beer first, no shortcuts. Something to think about next time you grab one.

Modus Brewing are based in Merewether, Newcastle and on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. They proudly run on 100% Green Energy, are hungry innovators and 100% Aussie owned and brewed.

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