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Scoops Ahoy

🚨 New Beer Alert 🚨

Welcome to the Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlour. It’s the sweet Summer of 1985 and we’re enveloping you and your hot date to Modus HQ for the Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream Nitro Beer combo of your dreams ❤️ ✨

Scoops is a 5% Vanilla Malt Thickshake served on smooth Nitro for extra creaminess. A fluffy malt nose with a thick luscious palate thanks to lactose & vanilla.
Ahoy is a 4.5% Raspberry and Lime Coulis Sour. A refreshing pink Sour with fresh and zesty Raspberries on the nose and a hint of tart lime on the palate.

Now. Mix these two together in a glass for the Scoops Ahoy Vanilla & Raspberry Ice Cream beer experience.

The tart from the Raspberry & Lime Sour perfectly compliments the sweetness of the Vanilla Thickshake. Much like the compliments you are going to receive for giving your hot date/mate date the best date night they’ve ever had 😉

Now pouring at Modus HQ!


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