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Social Club x Outer Disco

We decided to hit you guys with TWO new limited releases this month and can report they are innovative, tasty and of course fresh as f.


Social Club Mango Wheat Ale 4.0% 375ml

Made with juicy juicy ripened mangoes and slinky lightly toasted malt, this mango wheat ale gives off a subtle mango sweetness that is perfectly balanced with a delightful creamy and vibrant mouthfeel.


Outer Disco Milky Tea Beer 5.5% 375ml

Inching to an Oat Cream beer, this roasty, toasty, milky lactose and black tea beer leaves a touch of sweet melody on the palette. If you’re into the rhythm of bubble tea, absolutely add a packet of Tapioca pearls.


Buy online now here or on tap at Modus Mona Vale and Modus Merewether.


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