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Modus Operandi Brewing's final nationwide Limited Release can for 2017! The future can look dark and unnerving, but this humming, hop laden, hazy Double IPA will prepare you for a journey so profound, so juicy, you won’t fear the future; because you’re already there, man!
Zoo Feeder IPA - Limited Release featuring Modus Operandi's Head Brewer.
Modus Operandi Brewing teams up with Northern Beaches local, Billy Bain, to celebrate the wave, the can and the canvas!
Modus cans discuss the Hottest 100 Beers of 2016
Hops need music. Music needs hops. The codependency between psychedelic hops and music is Sonic Prayer IPA - brewed as a tip of the hat to our head brewers favourite band. Juicy, tropical and fruity this is a conglomeration of the holiest of ingredients and the most recent addition to our range, this IPA is out of this world.

Limited Edition 2017 Black IPA

The beauty and importance of keeping ya beer cold all the way from the tank to the glass/can.
Hayden Quinn cooks up Porter Bolognese with Modus Operandi Brewing.
From a mutual passion for the best ingredients, well-practiced methods, and constant innovation, a golden love child has been hatched by Three Blue Ducks, the ‘Lovers of Real Food’ and Modus Operandi Brewing, the ‘Beer First, No Shortcuts’ crew. Introducing... Duck Days Pale Ale!

Freshness is the Bestest