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Nort Refreshing Ale

ABV: >0.5%


A full crafted non alcoholic beer, golden in colour with a fruity aroma and crisp, clean finish.

Nort Refreshing Ale is a thirst quenching beer that you can swim, parent, exercise, work and drive after.

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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 37 × 26 × 23 cm


  1. Brady

    “Life Saver” I decided to give up alcohol this year & being a long time craft beer (over) enjoyer, I have been really missing my beer. Thought there is nothing better than cracking a cold one after a day in the yard during summer I wasn’t going to go near non alcoholic beers as the ones I had tried in the past were like ‘having s** in a canoe’. Someone said I had to try NORT, if I was an ale fan & was missing the flavour… I haven’t looked back! This is a great full flavoured ale that you will certainly enjoy!

    • admin_amanda

      Thanks for the review, Brady! Had us all having a cheeky laugh in the office. Glad to hear you’re onboard!🍻

  2. Peter

    Excellent initial palate and middle but does tail away at the back end though. Something for the future perhps! Great first effort compared to you competition. I buy this over the rest!

  3. Josh

    Having to parent and loving a tasty crafty bevwardo these kick the crap out of the opposition. One thing I would love to see is it in cans… Better around a pool and for 4×4 or beach trips.

  4. Jo

    Tried this today and will most definitely have it again! It was a refreshing ale on a hot day when I didn’t feel like drinking alcohol.

  5. No Shandy for Mandy

    I’m in love. Delicious! Practically no alcohol and low in carbohydrates. I’m baffled however by the 3.0 grams of FAT per serve listed on the label! Where does that come from? I thought fat was insoluble?

  6. John Lonsdale

    what a fantastic beer you have created, i gave up grog after a stroke a few months ago, tried all the non alcoholic beers, most NFG, but Nort is a ripper
    well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jason

    Best non-alcohol out there. Love it! Would be nice if the brewers could try their hand at another zero alcohol beer.

  8. Mike

    Top effort team. Easily the best on the market and quite surprisingly readily available at my local BWS (although they always split the cases into six packs). As a previous reviewer suggested – bring on the tins!

  9. Keith Parker

    Having been TT now for just over two years I have tried and tested anything non-alcoholic that doesn’t make me look like a –
    God forbid! – non drinker. At last I can revel in knowing I am drinking something far more satisfying than any of my boozy family and friends that leaves me happily knowing that I’ll enjoy the drive home, a good night’s sleep and tomorrow. Fabulous beer!

  10. Noel Bayley

    A lot of ordinary to undrinkable N/ A beers out there.
    This is the thirst 😂Ive tried Im happy to go back to.
    Well done , people

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