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the road trip that started it all

Modus, like all good beer stories, was born from a love of BEER! So much love in fact that the founders, Jaz & Grant Wearin, over a few sparkling red Coopers, decided to suddenly quit their responsible and well paying jobs in 2012 and bought the next tickets available to the USA. They spent the next 6 months travelling around in a motorhome hitting as many states as they could to learn from brewers and brewery owners on how to make the very best beer with the community at the forefront. Fast forward to July 2014, after sleeping on a brewery floor for 12 months, and Modus Mona Vale was born, with less than $10 in Jaz & Grants bank account and everything crossed that this beer venture would shape into something!

From A humble dream to award winning beers

Within three months of Modus opening, prestigious awards were graciously awarded left right and centre much to the teams (team of 4 at this stage!) absolute shock and delight. From this moment the vision became a real reality with canning lines, more tanks, more kegs and more awesome people joining the force, allowing Modus to be distributed across the great country of Aus.

where we are today

As the seams started to really stretch at Mona (we were 100% the smallest brewery with the biggest volume there for a hot minute!) we started the search for our second brewery and after a handful of attempts, we found our second home in Merewether, Newcastle in 2021. A place close to Grant’s heart with his grandfather having the local corner shop back in the day just a few streets away from Modus Merewether. The brewery here was built from the ground up and is an absolute expression of the founders brewery and sustainability dreams which was acknowledged shortly after opening by the Australian Institute of Architects Medal, the region’s highest architectural honour.


Our commitment to beer first. no shortcuts.

In 2024, Modus celebrates 10 years of living and breathing the mantra of Beer First. No Shortcuts. We are proud to have contributed to the Aussie beer world in the form of Modus Beer, NORT non alcoholic beer and Modus Cerveza, all whilst staying 100% family owned, a 100% Green Energy brewery and staying true to our intention of being a part of our local communities first and foremost.

how we brew

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Who we support


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