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Sustainable Brewing

Pictured: Farmers receiving grain from the Brewhouse. Ready to take to Bob’s Farm for hungry cows.


At Modus Beer, we believe that enjoying great beer should not come at the expense of our planet. With our sustainable brewing practices, from donating spent grain to utilising green energy and implementing eco-friendly packaging and building materials, we are proud to offer you a guilt-free and delicious beer-drinking experience. Join us in raising a glass to a greener future!

sustainability cycle

Spent Grain to Local Farmers

Rather than discarding this byproduct, we provide it as a nutritious feed for livestock, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. We make a lot of beer which means there are now a lot of happy farmers and happy cows chomping on our delicious spent grains.

carbon neutral delivery

Carbon Neutral Shipping

When it comes to delivering our beer, we partner with carbon-neutral shipping providers. By choosing environmentally responsible transportation options, we offset the carbon emissions associated with the delivery process. Our packaging materials are carefully selected to be earth-friendly and use recycled materials where possible and encourage recycling of our cans and cartons. Did you know our beer carriers and carton packaging are 100% recyclable!?

sustainable brewery

An Earth Friendly Venue

Our Merewether brewery is unlike any other built-in Australia. It features walls and bars crafted from earth from bushfire-ravaged regions, bathroom tiles made from recycled shampoo bottles and brewery equipment with plans for cutting-edge solar and water-saving systems. Modus teamed up with highly skilled engineers to ensure we can capture all of our rainwater at Modus Merewether and reuse it in our bathrooms and gardens.

sustainable environment beer

Green Brewing Process

We harness the heat from the wort during the brewing process to heat water for the next brew, maximising energy efficiency and minimising waste. Additionally, we are proud to say that we power our operations with 100% green energy, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and minimising our carbon emissions.

Read on below to see how we brew our award winning beer, you can also check out the full mural at our Merewether Venue!

How beer is made at modus

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how beer is made poster

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