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Help Ten Men can it!

MODUS x TEN MEN - Help rebuild ten men brewery!

The TEN MEN Story

Ten Men’s story begins in the north eastern region of Ukraine, nestled on the border with Russia, in the town of Vovchansk. However, everything changed on the morning of 24.02.2022, as Russia seized control of their brewery, prompting the Ten Men team to abandon their home. Fleeing 14 hours west to the opposite side of the country, they left behind their roots and faced the challenges of starting anew.

Today, the Ten Men team operates from Lviv, situated west of Kyiv, working out of a friend’s brewery. Despite the adversities, they are unwavering in their commitment to preserving not only themselves but also their business and the passion for uniting people through exceptional beer.

In the face of adversity, Ten Men persist with the hope of continuing to brew high-quality beer. Their mission extends beyond the craft, aiming to share the richness of Ukrainian culture through every sip of their distinctive brews.

$5 per case and $1 from every Schooner sold donated to rebuild ten men brewery


Help us give a big middle finger to war and purchase a slab of ‘CAN IT!’ Hazy Pale Ale. This beer was brewed in collaboration with the team at TEN MEN using a recipe co-developed by ten men. The recipe features a unique method of dry hopping that came from a need to efficiently use hops when supplies are scarce. $5 from every case sold will be donated towards helping TEN MEN rebuild, bigger and stronger than before.

Feeling Extra Generous?

Give a little extra to the Go Fund Me page and help us raise more funds so TEN MEN can get started sooner! All donations will be transferred directly to TEN MEN along with all funds raised from the sale of can it. Donations are open until 28th March. for more T&Cs check the gofundme website.

The Ten Men Dream

Ten Men isn’t just focused on building a brewery; their goal is to establish a Brew hub that brings people together. This space will serve as a meeting point for individuals, community groups, and fellow brewers who share Ten Men’s vision, sharing Ukrainian culture through excellent beers. The cartoon-style design on our cans reflects the unity of diverse individuals contributing to the collective effort of rebuilding.


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