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After a few years off, we are coming back to GABS in 2020 with a vengeance!


In honour of our 2015 GABS beer, we have brought back the L90 Triple Haze, named after the biggest, loudest and slowest bus ride in Sydney. We have hoisted, blown off dust and gotten down and dirty with the HOUND – a 12 metre 1970’s Leyland bus, transforming it into a sleek beast ready to serve up some exclusive beers brewed just for GABS 2020.

Don’t just expect beer poured from a tap, don’t expect the same ol’ blurb about beer. We’ve have been saving our ideas up for years just for this GABS. Expect to fall in love with beer all over again, expect to party in the shadows of the Modus bus, expect nothing and everything.

Available ONLY to our subscribers, we’re giving away a very limited VIP experience to only a handful of folks during each GABS session. You and a mate will be able to walk on and off the Hound into the green room where you can help yourself to beer, put your feet up and relish in the moment that is “GABS in the Modus Hound”.

There will be more general admission tickets up to gabs on our social channels too, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to win a kick-ass VIP experience.





Brisbane – Sat 9 May

Melbourne – Fri 22 – Sun 24 May

Sydney – Sat 30 May


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