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Earth Day 2023

Happy Earth Day folks! This year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet.” The team here at Modus Brewing has the health of our planet at the front of our minds every day. Today is our chance to take a step back and reflect on all the initiatives we have introduced to do our bit for our precious planet. 



  • We use 100% Green Energy in both our Mona Vale and Merewether breweries. Which we have been doing since day 1!
  • We team up with highly skilled environmental engineers to ensure we can capture all of our rainwater at our Modus Merewether and reuse it in our bathrooms and gardens
  • Our bathroom tiles at Modus Merewether are actually made from recycled shampoo bottles!
  • The opaque plastic glass materials that we have used frequently at Modus Merewether is called Danpal which is certified as a non-pollutant 
  • We have utilised a portion of carbon heavy soil from bush fire ravaged regions in our rammed earth walls 
  • We have repurposed old grain bags into takeaway carries for our takeaway sales at our venues

We aren’t just stopping there! Plans are currently underway for a significant solar farm on the top of our premises at Modus Merewether. 


Don’t forget to keep up to date with our sustainability and green initiatives on Instagram @modusbeer and Facebook @Modus Beer.

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