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The History of Women in the Beer Industry

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is the perfect day to take a trip back down memory lane and take a deep dive into the history of women in the beer industry. Trust us, they sure made an impact!


Fast forward to today, many of our favourite breweries are owned and run by men, but did you know that this was not always the case? Dating back as early as the vikings and medieval times, women pioneered the process of brewing beery liquid gold and for many it was actually part of their normal day to day chores. Some women even started selling it for a little extra cash on the side. Talk about entrepreneurial skills!


The beer industry became more and more profitable for women and fundamentalism began to emerge, which included banning witchcraft, male brewers saw this as an opportunity to accuse female brewers of being witches. CRAZY RIGHT?! 



To this day men still dominate the beer industry but don’t worry, there is some good news at the end of this story. Our Modus co-founder, Jaz Wearin, is breaking those exact societal norms and smashin some beery goals!! Wooohooo, girl power! Today we celebrate the achievements of ALL women who are pioneering in the beer industry. HUGE win for women in 2023.


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